We would like our events to be open to, and enjoyed by, as many residents as possible. When selecting venues for our events, we try to balance the following considerations:


We consider:

  • Whether there are steps at, or to access, the venue
  • Provision of facilities for children (daytime events)
  • Adequacy of toilet and washroom facilities


Some venues allow us to provide alcohol as part of an event without corkage charges. Other venues require us to buy drinks from them.


Some events are casual and suit a rustic setting; some are more formal and require a grander setting.

Avoidance of nuisance

We do not wish to cause nuisance to our neighbours by playing loud music for or encouraging other anti-social behaviours.


Bar, kitchen and service facilities vary between venues. Sometimes we provide nibbles or a simple, usually self-service, meal. On other occasions, a more formal meal better suits the occasion.


We consider:

  • Venues within walking distance
  • Venues requiring a short car or taxi journey
  • Availability of car parking


Some venues allow us to book rooms for functions without a charge for room hire (typically through a club member). We appreciate that these venues may charge a mark-up on other elements of an event, particularly drinks.


Live entertainers usually have requirements – own room for costume changing and rest, provision of food etc – as part of their contract terms.


Live entertainers usually have requirements about electrical supply for musical equipment and lighting.


We appreciate that many residents have a long association with social activities at the Barn at Loudwater Farm. We aim to use the Barn for events which don’t involve loud music, fireworks or other features which may cause disturbance to local residents.