Loudwater is a very attractive area dominated by indigenous, mature trees and extensive planting along narrow rural lanes. The original buildings were built in a particularly rustic and idyllic style and set out in generous plots of land with appropriate boundary definitions. The scale and informal relationship of the buildings to the plots reinforced this character.

It is this character that led us all to make Loudwater our home and there is always a concern that new developments may not reflect the character and beauty of the area.

The LRA works hard to prevent this from happening. Much of this work is done by the Planning Secretary who monitors proposed property developments, as well as extensions to existing properties, within Loudwater.

The whole of Loudwater has Conservation Area status. Initially Three Rivers District Council created Loudwater Conservation Area which covered the Loudwater (Troutstream) Estate. Later, a second conservation area was established – the Outer Loudwater Conservation Area – which included the remainder of Loudwater.

Some properties in Loudwater have an Article 4 direction issued on them. This limits owners’ permitted development rights and planning permission will be needed for developments such as the extension of hardstanding and the alteration/construction of boundary walls, gates and fences. This restriction serves to maintain the character of the area.

Policy C1 of The Three Rivers Council’s Local Plan 1996-2011 required development within a conservation area to preserve or enhance the conservation area “in terms of siting, proportion, bulk, … scale, … height…” and to respect existing landscape features and the relationship of buildings to plot boundaries.

The Planning Secretary will object in writing to the Council’s Planning Department if it is considered any proposed development:

  • would not preserve the character and appearance of Loudwater,
  • would not maintain the overall sense of spaciousness; a prevailing feature of Loudwater,
  • impinges on the outlook and privacy of neighbours

This may sometimes require the Planning Secretary’s attendance at meetings of the Council’s Planning Committee and dealing with Planning Appeals.

If you have any questions or concerns about planning and development, we encourage you to get in touch.

Information concerning the planning application process and detailed reviews of submitted plans can be found on the Three Rivers District Council web site.  See http://www.threerivers.gov.uk/egcl-page/online-planning-services for more details.  For those interested in plans in the Loudwater area, there are multiple search options at http://www3.threerivers.gov.uk/online-applications/.  Loudwater is under Chorleywood Parish Council and the Chorleywood North and Sarratt ward.

15/0771/FUL. Demolition of existing garage and store outbuilding, construction of single and two storey extensions with part basement level and alterations to landscaping and hardstanding to front of site. Sleepy Hollow Whisper Wood. Permitted.

15/0097/FUL. Single storey side extension, new pitched roof to existing porch and removal of chimney stack. Mangla, Bridle Lane. Application Permitted.

15/0152/FUL. Conversion of garage into habitable accommodation, alterations to front elevation, erection of detached timber frame garage to side of dwelling and alterations to existing drive. Chesters, Trout Rise. Application Permitted.

15/0473/FUL. Proposed two storey extension and first floor side extension, alterations to site frontage including widening of driveway and installation of proposed automatic electric gate and extension of raised patio to rear. Muirside, Overstream. Permitted.

15/0476/FUL. Single storey side extension. Cherry Trees. Loudwater Heights. Permitted.

15/0466/FUL. Erection of detached double garage to front of dwelling. Dailea, Sarratt Lane. Permitted.

15/0945/FUL. Single storey rear extension. Jacasupi, Lower Plantation. Pending Consideration

15/0548/FUL. Demolition of existing dwelling and outbuildings and construction of detached replacement dwelling with associated hardstanding, alterations to land levels and landscaping. Homewood Farm Lane. Pending Consideration.

New Applications

15/1097/FUL. Two storey front and side extensions with Juliet balcony, front basement extension and extension to raised patio to front, extensions to roof including increase in ridge height and front and rear dormers and alterations to fenestration. Troutstream Gate Kingfisher Lure. Status: Pending Consideration.

CAC   Conservation Area Consent

RSP     Retrospective planning Application

CLPD Certificate of Lawfulness Proposed Development

CLED Certificate of Lawfulness Existing Development

DIS     Discharge of Conditions

NMA   Non Material Alterations