The environment covers so many things but what we all want is to live in the most pleasant one we can.

The LRA actively seeks to maintain and improve, where possible, much of the infrastructure surrounding Loudwater.

To accomplish this we lobby both Three Rivers District Council and Hertfordshire County Council to maintain and improve the various publicly owned lanes and verges within the Loudwater area. This may include road safety improvements through signage, road surface maintenance, drain maintenance and improvements and anything else that will ensure safety on Loudwater’s roads.

We also keep an eye on littering and fly tipping and, whilst every resident should do their part, we can work with the councils to make sure that they do their part too.

Please contact the LRA if you have a suggestion, or a problem, and we can advise if this is work already in progress, something you could progress yourself more effectively, or a task that we are happy to take on and progress for the good of Loudwater.