LRA’s First Kwiz and Kebab Night!

On the evening of Friday 22nd September, forty enthusiastic music aficionados of the neighbourhood congregated in the Chess Hall at Loudwater Farm, for the LRA’s annual quiz night. This year it was a musical quiz, accompanied by kebabs and completed by choc ices on sticks.

Five teams proceeded to pit their wits against a series of masterfully crafted rounds of questions. The themes spanned rock and pop through the decades, with rounds for musical theatre and classical favourites. There was, indeed, something for everyone.

Quiz Masters June and Alex

Fuelled by wine, the aforementioned kebabs of lamb, chicken or halloumi and choc ices (not traditional brain food admittedly, but delicious nonetheless) the competition was fierce! The final scores were close, but the ultimate victors were ‘the G Clefs’! The team comprised: Henry and Marion Browne, Diana and Nicholas Vaughton, Carole and Colin Timms and Peter and Davida Phillips. Congratulations to them all for an impressive display of knowledge. All the members of the team were rewarded with a bottle of wine, which no doubt helped to replenish the supply consumed during the Kwiz proceedings.

As ever, thanks to our Events Secretary, June Gili-Ross, for all her hard work in arranging the night, devising the quiz, theming the room with such creative musical decorations and arranging the catering – and to the Chairman, Alex Buxton who ably assisted our quiz-master (also June), matching the music with the questions, as needed, with IT wizardry.

The LRA ladies of the committee, together with some husbands/partners were helped again by Kerry Rock to set up and tidy down. Dave Sweet also brought over the choc-ices at the appropriate time, to avoid them melting beforehand! Their assistance was much appreciated.

All who attended looked to have had a fun-filled night and much positive feedback has been received. The question is – will the winners be able to retain the title next year? We shall see!