Food Waste Campaign

Despite the fact that all food waste can be recycled, over a third of it is still ending up in landfill, at great cost to council tax payers and the environment. Three Rivers District Council is supporting WasteAware’s campaign to encourage residents to recycle their food waste.

Councillor Phil Brading, Lead Member of Public Services said: “Despite our best efforts some people haven’t yet got the message about recycling their food waste. Simple changes like this can make a big difference. If all food waste was recycled the cost of sending Hertfordshire’s household waste to landfill would reduce by £2.5 million. That’s £2.5 million of council tax payers’ money which could be better spent on other key services such as social care, education or fixing the roads.

“In addition to the money saved, recycling food waste is a great way to help the environment by reducing harmful greenhouse gases. The composting process is similar to the human digestive system; the gas it used to generate ‘green’ electricity for the national grid – enough to power thousands of homes – and the end product is a high-quality compost which provides farmers with a sustainable alternative to expensive petro-chemical based fertilisers. So it’s win-win all round!”

Three Rivers residents have been given kitchen caddies so it’s easy to collect food waste separately and transfer it to your outdoor food pod for weekly collection by the Council. Both raw and cooked food waste can be recycled, as well as egg shells, bones and tea bags. And you can use plastic bags in your food pod to help keep it clean. Any plastic bag will do – why not use an empty bread, fruit or cereal bag? (Remember no other packaging please!)

Keep up to date with the WasteAware campaign via their Facebook page –

To find out more about food waste and recycling in Three Rivers please visit our website

To order a new kitchen caddie or food pod please call the Council on 01923 776611.

To sign the pledge to recycle your food waste and receive a free roll of caddy liners, visit the WasteAware website